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Welcome to Veer Vardhman Agritech Industries

Rice Miller & Exporter

Veer Vardhman Agritech Industries is exporting globally premium basmati rice. We are shipping top quality of traditional basmati rice, premium basmati rice in various countries.

We have experienced technical staff and technical support and automated advance mill with annual production of tons of quality premium basmati rice.

Dilnaaz Basmati Rice

 Dilnaaz Biryani Basmati Rice 

Dilnaaz Biryani Basmati Rice gives the finest presentation to your Biryani while offering a detectable taste to your plate.

Dilnaaz 1121 Basmati Rice

Dilnaaz XXXL Basmati Rice

Dilnaaz XXXL Basmati Rice is premium Basmati rice. It gives you perfect blend of taste and aroma to your meal, reviving your festivities with the splendor of our traditional and royal cuisine.

Dilnaaz Basmati Biryani Rice

Dilnaaz Laziz Basmati Rice

Dilnaaz Laziz Basmati Rice is long grained and perfectly textured perfect for multi cuisine cooking on a daily basis. Laziz Basmati offer a trending and unique feast to you and your family every day.

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Gharaunda District Karnal, Haryana-132022, India


+91 93121 25741

+91 98180 25741

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24 x 7 Working

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